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What does Altrion Technologies do?

   Altrion Technologies is an Information Technology staffing service. Specializing in IT since 2000, Altrion attracts and retains the highest quality technology professionals across the U.S. for contract and permanent positions in all industries, including Manufacturing, High Technology, Life Sciences, Healthcare, Capital Markets, and Insurance.

How long has Altrion Technologies been in business?

   Altrion Technologies in Brick, New Jersey US has been in business since 2000.

Where is Altrion Technologies located?

   Our corporate headquarters is located in Brick, New Jersey, United States.  We also have an office in Eastwood City, Quezon City, Philippines.

What types of clients/industries does Altrion Technologies work with?

  Altrion Technologies has clients in almost all industries.  We are a preferred vendor to many mid sized companies and small start-ups.  Altrion Technologies knows how to create strong alliances between talented professionals like yourself and the most successful employers worldwide.

Do you offer contract or permanent placements?

    Altrion Technologies places individuals in both contract and permanent IT positions. With the latest recruitment technology at their fingertips, our entire recruiting team is empowered to consistently attract the best talent available - proven IT professionals who constantly seek to improve and expand their technical knowledge with Altrion Technologies.

   Altrion Technologies continues to have the unique capability of offering bundled or unbundled services. Our level of response is based on the level of need.

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How do I get started?

  1. Contact us at +1.732.993.5395

  2. Provide us your detailed job description. Indicate the specific skills and personality profile of your ideal candidate

  3. We will present you with potential candidates resume and portfolio. There will also be a  teleconference with all deciding parties

  4. If you approve of the proposal, sign the contract agreement

How do I communicate with my designer/programmer?

   Given the detailed nature of the projects, we report/communicate to our clients and primarily via IM, e-mail, and phone line.

How can I track the progress of ongoing work?

   We provide you with access to a Project Management Panel, in which a detailed account of the on-going progress of your project(s) are being logged.

Is there a language barrier?

   No, our designers/programmer are fluent in English. They also have received degrees and certificates in their respective areas of expertise.

Do I need to provide healthcare coverage and benefits?

   No, although the designer/programmer is dedicated to you full time, they are a contract worker. You will not need to provide or pay additional fees for benefits unless you want to provide additional incentives to your designers.

What happens if I am not satisfied with my employee?

   Excellent question. All of our designers/programmer work from a central location. They are supported by a QC team. We realize that in order to ensure customer satisfaction, our US presence is vital. We believe that satisfied customers are the key to our growth and will do everything possible to keep you happy. However, in the event your designer does not meet your objectives, we will promptly find someone who will.

What if I want a shorter contract?

   We are able to pass incredible cost savings to our clients by receiving long term commitments from them. We also stress that offshore outsourcing is a long term commitment from companies, and takes extensive time, communication, policy, and procedure changes from all parties involved in order to make your firm more efficient.

Where do the remote employees work?

   Altrion Technologies employees work in an Information Technology zone in Eastwood City, Quezon City Philippines, and others are located in NJ, USA.

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How do you screen candidates?

   Our recruiters interview each potential Altrion Technologies consultant prior to referring him or her to any of our clients. This is a key step in evaluating the candidate's technical abilities and business knowledge, as well as his or her professionalism, communication skills, and interpersonal skills. As part of the in-house interview process, each applicant fills out a comprehensive skills questionnaire and submits a current resume. We use this interview to better understand the individual's technical experience, skill level, and work ethic, so that we place the candidate in the job best suited to his or her background. We perform customized technical testing, background checks, and drug testing upon client request.

What is the average response time a customer can expect when requesting resources for a given requirement?

   Altrion Technologies guarantees that every candidate submitted is pre-qualified with regards to available start time, available interview times, travel requirements, and rate. We can submit several qualified candidates.

Do you offer background and drug testing services?

   Altrion Technologies offers a variety of background checks including criminal, social security tracking, education verification, employment verification, professional licenses and certifications. Upon obtaining candidate approval these checks are performed by a specialty firm in a confidential and professional manner. We have also partnered with one of the top drugtesting vendors in the country to offer drug testing upon client request.

As a hiring manager, why should I prefer Altrion Technologies over other agencies?

   Because of our strong presence in the marketplace, Altrion Technologies secures the top people in the industry. We offer strong retention programs, training and a variety of benefits. Many of our contractors are long standing professionals that we have worked with for many years. Secondly, Altrion Technologies approaches global business from a local focus so all clients are given a dedicated Account Management team to build a program for their unique needs.

What is involved in your recruiting process?

   Our account representatives work closely with hiring managers prior to and during the search process to:

  • Build a complete understanding of the client's needs, including technical requirements, start date, duration, and financial parameters

  • Work in a manner which is comfortable to client personnel, and adhere to client administrative procedures
  • Identify appropriate candidates based upon your business's requirements.

  • Provide managers with resumes of prospective candidates

  • Arrange suitable interview times

  • Negotiate the terms and conditions of the contract

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What kind of opportunities exist at Altrion?

   As Altrion Technologies continues to grow it has created many great opportunities for employees to advance their careers, and there is no end in sight. If you show the initiative to work your way to the top, your career at Altrion Technologies is limitless.

What is the environment like at Altrion Technologies?

   We have an office NJ, USA and in Eastwood City, an Information Technology zone in the Philippines.

What type of culture exists at Altrion Technologies?

   From company outings, having fun and socializing is a priority at Altrion. Friendly office rivalries provide you with the chance to show your team spirit and meet people across the country, while fundraisers and charity events give you the opportunity to lend a hand to causes that you care about. We're in the heart of most major cities and everywhere in between, so there are a lot of places to kick back, relax, and have fun after a hard day at work.
If you work really hard to meet your goals, you could be rewarded. Strut your stuff at Altrion, and we'll make sure you get the rewards you deserve for a job well done.

   One thing is constant though - we pride ourselves on working and playing hard. Being productive and working hard is a definite requirement here, but so is having fun after a hard day's work.

Who should I send a resume to if I am interested in applying for an internal position?

   The best way to submit your resume for a position in a particular region of the country. Kindly email it to contact at altriontechnologies dot com and we evaluate your resume.

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Is there a fee involved in finding a position?

   No, there is no fee tthat will be charged from the applicant. Your rate is negotiated with Altrion at the start of each contract.

Does Altrion Technologies place only contractors?

   No, we do not. Altrion Technologies also specializes in Permanent Placement. But it also depends to the employee.

What happens to my resume once I submit it to Altrion Technologies?

   Your resume will be automatically stored in our Resume Management System. We will scan all the information you have in your resume and evaluate you according to your skill set and experience in what position you seem fit.

Will my resume be sent out to potential companies without my knowledge?

   Your resume will not be distributed anywhere without your prior consent. We will discuss the job description, location, work environment and any applicable information with you before sending out your resume to any of our Client Companies.

I have a resume already formatted with HTML enhancements. Can I attach it and submit it rather than cutting and pasting into the text box?

   Yes, you can have your resume attached then sent to us.

How long is the average contract assignment?

   The lengths of assignment will vary based on the Client Company's needs or internal requirements.

When on assignment, who is my employer?

   Altrion Technologies is your employer. If you have concerns about your assignment you should contact your Technical Recruiter for assistance.

How long does it take to find an assignment?

   The length of time varies greatly depending on your skills and current market conditions. After evaluating your skills and needs, the process can be very fast. Specialized skills, location preference, requirements, rates and the market can extend this period of time.

Does Altrion Technologies offer benefits to contractors?

   Not at this, due to the nature of contract work Contractors are ineligable for benefits.  We encourage them to seek benefits from external sources.

I am interested in contracting but nervous about leaving my permanent position, what does Altrion Technologies recommend?

   Companies are generally inundated with resumes from individuals and it is likely that your resume won't get the attention it needs. Recruitment offices such as Altrion Technologies only respond to Client requests with a selection of candidates that best fit the needs as defined by their requirements.  This has the benefit of shortening the list of possible employee and or contractor resumes that the Human Resources department must review.

What is a Staff Consultant?

   An Altrion Staff Consultant is a person who is hired by Altrion Technologies on a permanent basis to perform various contract positions. This allows you to have immediate access to available benefits and offers you the variety of contracting. Certain eligibility requirements must be met and the Manager must pre-approve all applicants.

I am interested in finding a new position but I do not want my current employer to find out. How is this handled?

   This is a very common concern. At Altrion Technologies, we are accustomed to handling your situation in a very discrete manner. At our initial meeting, we will discuss what method of communication would work best for you. A unique marketing plan will then be set specific to your needs and requirements.

I am an independent consultant, what is the advantage of going through Altrion Technologies for a permanent position instead of directly responding to job postings or ads?

   Companies are generally inundated with resumes from individuals and it is likely that your resume won't get the attention it needs.

My contract is ending and I need to start looking for another. Who do I contact?

   Give us a notice and if you are qualified for next project, we will contact you.

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